Why you should be TeamingUp with us

Why you should be TeamingUp with us
You have a great idea for the next killer app, but to bring this idea to life, you don’t have enough IT knowledge? Sound familiar! Every day we notice how a lot of ideas with great potential are abandoned because not everyone is a seasoned IT guru.

This shouldn’t be the case. People with great ideas - inventors, entrepreneurs - just need to surround themselves with the right people. The right team can lead these entrepreneurs straight to the product of their dreams.

This is exactly what TeamingUp does: provide you with just the right team to help you transform your ideas into products users will love. But how will TeamingUp do this in the current market circumstances, where resources are scarce and the cost can be extravagant?

Thinking outside the (Belgian) box

One of our economy’s ground rules, its without doubt that scarce equals expensive. Both are problematic. Finding the right people for a development job can be a huge hassle. And keeping your projects affordable even more so. At least if you are looking locally!

Not all projects need to be executed locally, however. Some do, we’re not denying that. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t be afraid to cross your country’s borders if you really want to bring your idea to life!

We are well aware that entrusting your money and idea to a company or a team far away is not an easy notion to embrace. And then there are the practical challenges: communication barriers, cultural differences, different time zones, …

TeamingUp: the best of both worlds

This frame of mind led to the creation of the managed services of TeamingUp. In our approach we eliminate the communication barrier. Cultural difference? Not for us! And as for time zone: apart from a two-hour difference with our developers, there is no time difference with the TeamingUp team that you are in touch with. All the key roles in the project and development cycle, are located here and thus we communicate with you face to face in your native language! Our functional analyst, UX/UI expert, technical architect and project manager will help you shape your idea into the product your users will love.

Your local TeamingUp team will make sure that the development team abroad delivers your product, so you don’t need to worry about things like timing, quality control, etc.. And all of that in an agile way. Sounds good right?

We’ve done the math

I can almost hear you think: if the FA, the UX/UI expert, the TA and the PM are here, then how is my project going to be affordable with the current rates?
The answer is hidden in simple math. Experience has learned us that up to 80% of your project’s costs come from development. In other words: cutting the rates on development will get you a long way!

With this approach, we found a perfect balance between ease of mind and decreased cost: the perfect recipe for SMEs and start-ups.

Did we get your attention? Are you thinking about all those killer ideas that you didn’t know how to execute? Or you simply want to know more? Just get in touch, and we can go grab a coffee.

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