About us

Baldwin HURDAK

business unit manager

Baldwin is an experienced sales and account manager with over 30 years of experience. He is flexible, a good communicator on all levels and doesn't like to give up. Respect and human approach are very important to him. He always prefers quality above quantity.


+32 (0) 485 53 08 60

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Alperen ÜNLÜ

business unit manager

Alperen is a social and flexible team player, an entrepreneur with a lot of ambition. He brings more than a decade of experience in custom software development projects of various types to the table.


+32 (0) 496 57 44 10

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We Are


TeamingUp is a driven team that knows very well how to shape the perfect IT teams. We go all the way for your winning team, because that's our mission.


Trust us, we know the IT world and we know what we're doing. A strong network is TeamingUp's trump card to weld your team of talents.


As a genuine, close human team, we are open to your needs, while cherishing the power of our talented people. It gives us the edge to strive for the best for your projects.

Our values


It's our choice to be close to our customers, because we love to take your needs close at heart for TeamingUp the best solutions. It feels right to understand each other, to share your dreams, challenges and successes.


We dare to be different, but we stay true to ourselves. Relying on our experience and network, we strongly differ from our competitors. Fair play is our favorite game.


Every relation is founded on trust. That’s why we love to stay clean and lean in everything we do: when screening our team members, informing our customers, or managing valuable data.